Say Heya to our 21st bday packages!

Let’s face it: your 21st is worth more than a reserved spot on the ‘rents futon and a plastic bag full of Passion Pops. For a Brisbane party venue guaranteed not to have embarrassing albums of your awkward years, check out Heya Bar. The Valley spot weaves a maze reminiscent of Asian street markets, boasting hidden bars, pinball machines, and plenty of drinks.

Quit panicking over guest list alterations – Heya covers any function, with party spots fit for 10 mates or 200. For birthday shindigs to suit your whole uni cohort, the whole venue is available for hire, featuring inclusions like private wait staff, in-house sound, and exclusive hogging of the pool tables. Smaller 21st celebrations can hire a select bar or hang-out spot (depending on how many people you’re willing to share the nibbles with). Every party hire includes access to full catering and beverage options, fit for full-blown feasts or pre-drinks finger food. Pro tip: fairy floss carts are back, and they’re just as awesome as they were when you were 10.

If you’re searching for a 21st party spot that can keep the espresso martinis free-flowing, the music pumping, and the pinball tournaments going all night, Heya’s got you covered. Hey, for no surprise parental speeches, it’s worth a shot (or many, many shots).